Location: Georgia Tech Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons building (CULC)

This event is for high school girls that are interested in learning more about STEM and Georgia Tech. Attending students will have an opportunity to learn more about different engineering majors at Georgia Tech, talk to current students, experience hands-on demos, and get a tour of campus.

Cost of attendance is $10, which will cover lunch and all activities. Applications to attend are open until March 3rd, and acceptances will be released on a rolling basis. Once accepted, students will receive further information about the event, including a link to purchase a ticket and a confirmation form.

We would love to see you all there! Spots are limited so apply now!

Applications coming soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Bekah or Katie at swevpco@gmail.com or swevpyp@gmail.com.

Past Activities:

Ear Trumpets 
Participants will be split into groups of 4 where they will design and construct a hearing device to help partially deaf people and learn about biomedical engineering.

Dirty Water Filtering 
Participants will be challenged to create and construct a filtration system to clean dirty water with certain supplies provided. This will be a chance to learn about environmental engineering in a hands on manner.

Participants will work in groups of 2 to create catapults and experiment with the distances objects of various mass can be propelled by their handmade simple machines.

Majors Fair
We will have our SWE members represent the top engineering majors offered at most universities. The participants will be able to travel to the various tables and learn more about
each specific major with a brief poster presentation.

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