The VP of Admin plans all things having to do with national & local conference including awards, application for conference, travel logistics, and making sure all the SWEties have a meaningful and memorable experience. 

PJ (she/her), VP of Administration

Civil Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Tampa, FL


PJ leads efforts for organizing travel to national and local conferences, and the GT SWE’s awards and recognitions program!

  • Favorite SWE Memories: Some of my favorite SWE memories have been from the community garden workday, the jeopardy GBM, and the holiday banquet!
  • Other Involvements: Outside of SWE, I am also involved with Engineers in Action, ASCE Concrete Canoe, ESW hydroponics team, and Dr. Bozeman’s SEEEL Lab.
  • Career Goals: I aspire to work on sustainable infrastructure projects and make a difference in my local community as a civil engineer!

Administration Chairs

Sayo Das, Awards & Recognition Chair

Estella Tu, Awards & Recognition Chair