Youth Programs

Morgan Kalif, VP of Youth Programs

Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Middletown, RI


  • Description of Position: VP of Youth Programs is responsible for organizing events encouraging girls of all ages to learn about and take an interest in STEM fields.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: My first SWE conference and just generally connecting with people with similar interests as me
  • Career Goals: To help the planet in some way or another¬†

 Youth Programs Chairs

Markella Bibidakis, High School Outreach Chair

Electrical Engineer, 1st year

Hometown: Mentor, OH


  • Description of Position: Planning and organizing outreach events for high school students that allow for the exploration of engineering fields
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Tie-dyeing shirts with other chairs and execs
  • Other involvements: WECE
  • Career Goals: Industry-related engineering career

Divya Chandula, Middle School Outreach Chair

Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Edison, NJ


  • Description of Position: Planning outreach programs for girls in middle school with events including student panels and engineering activities.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: I had a lot of fun talking to all the girls in the organization during the dinners after the meetings and networking with recruiters during company info sessions held by SWE.
  • Other involvements: Medical Robotics and Student Hospital Connections (SHC)
  • Career Goals: I want to eventually design and develop medical devices, such as prosthetics.

Christine Cheng, Elementary School Outreach Chair

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA


  • Description of Position: The Elementary School Outreach Chairs are responsible for facilitating youth programs for local Atlanta elementary schools. This semester, we are planning an event where local students can come to the Georgia Tech campus for an afternoon of fun and interesting STEM-related activities!
  • Favorite SWE Memories: SWinter Bonding 2020, Chair/Exec Tie-Dye Bonding
  • Other involvements: Undergraduate Research, AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)
  • Career Goals: Potentially R&D in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology

Jordan Totten, Elementary School Outreach Chair

Chemical Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ


  • Description of Position: Elementary School Outreach (ESO) is responsible for organizing events that engage the elementary school children in the Atlanta area. This semester, we held our first in-person event in over a year! We had kids come into the CULC for a day of STEM activities, including coding, learning binary, working as a team to engineer a cup tower, and using shaving cream to make wrapping paper designs.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: I loved our STEM event because I was able to connect with so many new and returning volunteers. Facilitating the activities was a blast, especially because the kids were having so much fun!
  • Other involvements: Undergraduate research, undergraduate advisory board
  • Career Goals: I hope to work in biodegradable plastics and reusable bio materials.

Suyoung Yun, Middle School Outreach Chair

Biomedical Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Seoul, Korea


  • Description of Position: Middle School Outreach Chair is in charge of planning outreach event that allows middle school students to learn about STEM fields.
  • Favorite SWE Memories: My first SWE meeting, Exec/chair Bonding Meeting
  • Other involvements: Georgia Tech International Ambassadors, Biomedical Engineering Society, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association 
  • Career Goals: I hope I can be a dentist and transform the lives of patients.

 Youth Programs Committee