Community Outreach

Ariane Richard, Vice President of Community Outreach

Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Falls Church, VA


  • Description of Position: VP of Community Outreach involves the encouragement, mentorship, and outreach of young students on STEM related activities and knowledge. VP of Community Outreach also focuses on building a SWENext presence at different schools.
  • Favorite SWE Memories: Tea with the Dean 2019, Exec/Chair Cupcake Decorating Retreat
  • Involvements: Undergraduate Research in the Roy Lab, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Biomedical Engineering Society, International Plan
  • Career Goals: I hope to help contribute to the design and development of medical devices that help improve the quality of life and care for individuals.

 Community Outreach Chairs

Katherine Anderson, SWENext Chair

Aerospace Engineering, 1st year

Hometown: Coppell, TX


  • Description of Position: The SWENext Chair helps the current SWENext sections build a partnership with GT SWE by organizing and hosting monthly newsletters, virtual check-ins, emails, and other virtual/in-person events.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Volunteering at the Tapestry garden
  • Other Involvements: Treble Choir and Sigma Gamma Tau
  • Career Goals: To intern by my second year to gain experience and better understand engineering careers.

Preksha Jain, SWENext Chair

Civil Engineering, 1st year

Hometown: Tampa, FL


  • Description of Position: As the chair of SWENext, I am responsible for planning and executing events for SWENext high school chapters under the leadership of the VP of Community Outreach.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Some of my favorite SWE memories have been from the community garden workday, the jeopardy GBM, and the holiday banquet!
  • Other Involvements: Outside of SWE, I am also involved with Engineers in Action, ASCE Concrete Canoe, ESW hydroponics team, and Dr. Bozeman’s SEEEL Lab.
  • Career Goals: I aspire to work on sustainable infrastructure projects and make a difference in my local community as a civil engineer!

 Community Outreach Committee