Who can join GT-SWE?
Students of all majors, years, and genders are welcome to participate in GT-SWE events and there is no membership fee. If you are a STEM major, we highly recommend obtaining paid membership in National SWE, which in addition to its own perks, allows you to participate more actively in GT-SWE. Click here for information on becoming a member.

How can I get involved in GT-SWE?
See below for a sample of the variety of Professional Development, Outreach and Social engagement opportunities available through SWE. Note that some activities, including applying for chair positions and attending conferences, require National SWE membership.

Why should I participate in GT-SWE?

GT-SWE is the place to be if you want to connect with peers who believe in empowering female engineers, grow your network, develop your professional and leadership skills, seek advice from mentors and make new friendships!

How do I renew my membership?

Refer to Instructions to Join or Renew

What is my SWE ID?
Reach out to VP of Membership, Christine Chen, at swevpmembership@gmail.com.