Sponsor FAQ

Q: This all sounds amazing! How do I become a sponsor?

A: To become involved with GT-SWE, please email our VP of Industry Relations at sweindustryrelations@gmail.com. We would love to have you at one of our events!

Q: How early can I begin registering to sponsor these events?

A: You may start registering now! The earlier, the better actually. We typically like to fill up all the General Body Meeting dates before school starts in August.

Q: How quickly do dates fill up for events?

A: As mentioned above, we try to secure the itinerary for the general body meetings of the coming academic year during the summer. Therefore, it is in your best interest to reserve your spot before it is too late! As for the other events, we do not have a strict capacity limit for them.

Q: Is there a deadline for when I have to book an event?

A: While there is no deadline, we ask that you please contact us a month in advance to give us sufficient time to organize and publicize your event.

Q: How many people typically attend your events?

A: Each event varies in attendance and target different interest groups within SWE. Below are the (very) rough estimates as to the number of people who attend each event.

General body meetings: 30-50

Technical development workshops: 5-160 (This really depends on a lot of factors like partnerships with other organizations and timing; therefore, I would not rely on these numbers too much)

Tea with the Dean: 100-200

Fall Networking Night: 40-60

Customized Networking: 5-15

Social Networking: N/A (this is a new addition to our package this year)

Q: How many employees do you suggest we send to your events?

A: Ultimately, it depends on what your company wants to do and which event they’re attending. For Networking Night, it would be best to send closer to 3; for a social event or technical development workshop, more employees would make the event a lot more manageable. We can discuss this when we have a better idea of what your company is interested in sponsoring.

Q: Our Company cannot monetarily sponsor SWE. Can we still host an event?

A: We understand that it sometimes is not possible to financially support us. Unfortunately, our organization does ask for a sponsorship fee for speaking to our members about your recruitment opportunities. We are wholly sponsored by contributions from corporate sponsors and would not be a functioning body without their support. Therefore, we show our appreciation and respect to those that go out of their way to fund our mission and initiatives.

Got any questions not found here? Please email our VP of Industry Relations at sweindustryrelations@gmail.com.