Youth Programs

Kat Pospichel, Vice President of Youth Programs


  • Description of Position: VP of Youth Programs is responsible for organizing events encouraging girls of all ages to learn about and take an interest in STEM fields.
  • Interests: 
  • Involvements:
  • Career Goals: 

 Youth Programs Committee

Jadah Peters, High School Outreach Chair

Civil Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Suwanee, GA


  • Description of Position: We host engaging STEM events geared towards high school girls that aim to motivate, empower, and assist them in their college prep and career discovery.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: SWE Christmas Party
  • Interests: fitness, yoga, photography, psychology, spanish music, art, reading
  • Other involvements: RA, Student Assistant for Parking Office, Boxing Club
  • Career Goals: I am planning to go into the construction management field of civil engineering. I’m excited to see the projects I work on come to life.

Bethanie Penna, High School Outreach Chair

Industrial Engineering, 1st year

Hometown: Miami, FL


  • Description of Position: Put on a virtual event for female high schoolers that will expose them to the opportunities found in STEM and inspire them to pursue a degree/career in a STEM related field. 
  • Favorite SWE memory: Hearing from NGI agency. The company really interested me and SWE connected me to apply as an intern *fingers crossed*
  • Interests: weight lifting, traveling, reading/writing poetry
  • Other Involvements: member of Connect (First-Year Leadership Organization), Hispanic Recruitment Team, mentor for OMED (Office of Minority Educational Directives)
  • Career Goals: Graduate with a minor in consulting and go on to work at Deloitte. I’d also love to intern there!

Rebekah Geil, Middle School Outreach Chair

Aerospace Engineering, 2nd Year

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

Email: or

  • Description of Position: The middle school outreach chairs plan engaging events for middle school girls in the Atlanta area, engaging them with STEAM material.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Tea With the Dean 2019!
  • Interests: Baking, Running, Movie nights
  • Other Involvements: Navigators, Undergraduate Student Launch Initiative, SMILE
  • Career Goals: Work on the design of spacecraft

Emma Kalif, Middle School Outreach Chair

Mechanical Engineering, 1st year

Hometown: Middletown, RI


  • Description of Position: The Middle School Outreach Chair plans and implements events to expose middle school girls to STEM and hopefully encourage them to pursue the field. 
  • Favorite SWE memory: Going to WE18
  • Interests: Tennis, listening to music, the environment
  • Other Involvements: Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Career goals: Work to develop a solution to the world’s worsening climate crisis

Christine Cheng, Elementary School Outreach Chair

Chemical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Email: or 

  • Description of Position: The Elementary School Outreach Chairs are in charge of planning outreach events for elementary school girls each semester.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Tea With the Dean 2020, Among Us Social!
  • Interests: Cooking, Dance, Drawing/Painting
  • Other Involvements: AIChE (I’m also looking to get involved in research!)
  • Career Goals: Work in the biopharmaceuticals industry

Jordan Totten, Elementary School Outreach Chair

Chemical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ

Email: or

  • Description of Position: This semester, ESO Chairs are responsible for planning a video series of at-home experiments for elementary-aged kids to perform.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Tea with the Dean 2020!
  • Interests: Sports (soccer & basketball), painting, spending time with friends and family
  • Other Involvements: AIChE, ChBE mentor program
  • Career Goals: Work with bioproducts to help the environment