Little SWE

The Little SWE After School Club is sponsored every Fall and Spring semester at a local elementary, middle, or high school in the metro Atlanta area. The club focuses on exposing young females to engineering and STEM fields. The club integrates hands-on learning with generic classroom teaching to allow the participants the opportunity to work like an engineer and learn the basic principles behind their creations! The participants are able to interact with Georgia Tech female engineers who act as role models and mentors in inspiring these young women to pursue a college education in a STEM related field.

This semester we will be working with Centennial Place Academy girls every Friday from 3:15-4:45pm. We will be meeting at the Student Center around 3:15pm to debrief on the activity. We’ll leave at 3:30pm to make the short, 5 minute walk over to the school and will return around 4:45pm each week. Throughout the duration of the club we will be doing hands-on STEM activities with the girls including glitter silly putty, rainbow pH paper, spaghetti buildings and much more!

Volunteering with Little SWE is a great way to reach out to young girls who are interested in engineering and share your experience and wisdom. All majors are welcome for each activity! The signup form is below, so if you’re interested in volunteering, please sign up! If the signup form is full please put your name and contact info into the wait list area to the right of the signup form and we will keep you updated on if you can volunteer.

Sign up coming soon!

Examples of past activities include:

– Roller Coasters
– Marshmallow Towers
– Lip Gloss
– Pop Fly
– Catapults
– Egg Drop
– Coin Sorters
– Water Filters
– Silly Putty
– Alka Seltzer Rockets