High School

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: Georgia Tech Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons building (CULC)

Due to new guidelines from the State of Georgia Board of Regents, parents/guardians will first have to fill out the following 4 forms and email them to Alyssa Jackson at swevpoutreach@gmail.com.

  1. Georgia Tech Liability Waiver
  2. Emergency Information Form
  3. Child Pick Up Authorization
  4. SWE Information Sheet

Once these forms have successfully been completed, please register using the following link below:


If you have any questions, please contact our VP of Outreach at swevpoutreach@gmail.com.



  • If you are dropping a student off, the physical address to the CULC roundabout drop off is: 399 4th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • If you are a parent staying for the parent’s program and need to park your car for the duration of the event, please park in visitor area 4 (State Street and Ferst Dr.). A map can be found here.
    • The physical address for this lot is: 345 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
    • Please visit http://map.gatech.edu for an interactive portal that allows you to type in your address and get directions directly to Visitor Lot 4.

Past Activities:

Ear Trumpets 
Participants will be split into groups of 4 where they will design and construct a hearing device to help partially deaf people and learn about biomedical engineering.

Dirty Water Filtering 
Participants will be challenged to create and construct a filtration system to clean dirty water with certain supplies provided. This will be a chance to learn about environmental engineering in a hands on manner.

Participants will work in groups of 2 to create catapults and experiment with the distances objects of various mass can be propelled by their handmade simple machines.

Majors Fair
We will have our SWE members represent the top engineering majors offered at most universities. The participants will be able to travel to the various tables and learn more about
each specific major with a brief poster presentation.

Parent’s Program
Please join us for the FREE Parent Program portion of Saturday’s event. The Parent Program will be from 9am-12pm. GradSWE volunteers will present on topics such as STEM Gender Bias and How to Get to College, as well as some action items that you can bring back to the home to encourage your children to explore a STEM career.

Please sign up for our outreach mailing list to be notified about additional outreach events. You can sign up for this list by emailing swevpoutreach@gmail.com

The current outreach calendar for all events can be viewed here.