Technical Development


Samantha Bluth, Vice President of Technical Development

Industrial and Systems Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Peoria, IL


  • Description of Position: Coordinates interactions and engagements with other campus organizations and corporate groups for tech talks and skill building workshops.
  • Interests: Traveling, photography, reading, watching pro sports, foreign languages, scuba diving
  • Involvements: Students Consulting for Non-Profits, Kappa Alpha Theta, International Plan
  • Career Goals: Pursue a career involved with operations and supply chain that provides personal & professional growth in a corporate or consulting environment with an international presence.


 Technical Development Committee


Mia Huff, Technical Workshops and Talks
Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

  • Description of Position: Technical Development chairs work with corporate sponsors and other organizations on campus to plan technical talks and workshops.
  • Interests: Traveling, baking, hiking, music, mystery novels, cats and field hockey
  • Involvements: Global Leadership LLC, Biomedical Engineering Society, Engineering World Health, SWE
  • Career Goals: Go to grad school and then pursue a career in the field of biomedical engineering involving genetics


Ishita Date, Technical Development
Industrial Engineering, 3rd Year

Hometown: Horsham, PA

  • Description of Position: Plans and runs technical development workshops with our corporate sponsors. Our workshops focus on helping SWE members learn some kind of new skill that they would have not learned in class. Examples could include: an introduction to an upcoming coding language, a quickstart into running your personal finances, a walk-through of a case, etc.
  • Involvements: Investments Committee, Undergraduate Consulting Club, GT Ramblin’ Raas, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Interests: Amusement parks, skiing, listening to new music, traveling, and anything that has to do with the Philadelphia Eagles (go birds!)
  • Career Goals: I’m not exactly sure what I want to do after college. Hopefully get my MBA and work in a field I am passionate about!