Industry Relations


Salmata Barrie, Vice President of Industry Relations

Environmental Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Mooresville, NC


  • Description of Position: VP of Industry Relations is the point of contact for the corporate branch of SWE and is in charge of securing sponsorships that help fund our yearly operations. She organizes company visits during general body meetings and networking events to provide corporate representatives different avenues to engage with our members. She works closely with our VP of Technical Development to arrange workshops and our VP of Campus Relations to coordinate sponsored events with other Georgia Tech organizations.
  • Interests: Painting, volleyball, traveling, knot theory, photography
  • Involvements: International Plan, Global Leadership Mentor, ¬†African Student Association, Muslim Student Association, RA/Peer Leader
  • Career Goals: I would like to work in water sustainability. A career goal of mine is to engineer both protective and recovery tools to be used in the wake of natural disasters.
  • ¬†

 Industry Relations Committee

Stay tuned to see our new industry relations committee!