2021 Election Candidate Bios


C’lee Kornegay

3rd year Civil Engineering

First choice: President

As President, I would put a focus on strategic planning and regularly evaluating our goals and progress. Additionally, I would like to restructure community groups to maximize member involvement and improve the cohesion among our executive team. SWE is a great organization with a diverse range of opportunities, and I am excited to see how we can grow in the future!


Sophia Ung

2nd year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

First Choice: VP Administration

I am running for VP Administration to share the amazing opportunities and experiences of conference, building stronger connections with each other and at other levels of SWE. I am excited to continue growing our supportive SWE community and to highlight the accomplishments of our organization and members!


Industry Relations

Annie Pei

1st year Industrial and Systems Engineering

First Choice: VP of Industry Relations

I am running for the Vice President of Industry Relations because I want to explore new ways to engage with companies and represent SWE in our communications. As the Chair of Industry Events, I enjoy working closely with companies to coordinate networking opportunities and GBMs! I would like to continue organizing events where members can further their careers and become familiar with the industry.


Amber Seaberg

1st year Industrial and Systems Engineering

First choice: VP of Communications, Second choice: VP of Membership

I am running for VP of Membership because I would like to establish a sense of community through our socials and oversee a safe transition from virtual to in-person events when it is deemed possible and members are comfortable attending. As social chair, I have had a lot of experience with helping moderate and plan our social events this year and would like to build upon this experience to hopefully restructure our systems to best fit our goals. This year was definitely hard on everyone and it was difficult to truly socialize behind a computer screen, so I am prepared and hopeful to plan exciting events for all our SWEeties so we can feel like a community!

Sofia Vainikos

2nd year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

First choice: VP of Membership, Second Choice: VP of Campus Relations

As VP of Membership, I want to focus on incorporating new themes and events into the more traditional activities we’ve hosted. This will help excite SWE members as well as facilitate more meaningful interactions between prospective, current, and alumni, therefore not only motivating new members to join but also keeping current members involved and active. I’d love to see our community grow even stronger and more supportive of each other as we build tighter bonds and connections through our social initiatives across all people we impact!

Technical Development

Fehmeen Tariq

2nd year Industrial and Systems Engineering

First choice: VP of Technical Development

As VP Technical Development I will organize workshops with a range of companies making sure I cover all aspects of Technical Development for all majors. These events will include interactive talks, new and unique skills learned that are useful in every industry and making sure that our members are getting the hands on experience that comes with a field such as in engineering. I will also take into account the various workshops that our members want by doing regular polls and making sure that everyone feels included in these talks and workshops throughout the year!

Community Outreach

Ariane Richard

2nd year Biomedical Engineering

First choice: VP of Community Outreach

Due to my experience as a SWENext Chair and a Community Outreach Chair, the only two chair positions under the VP of Community Outreach, I have developed a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities the VP of Community Outreach must fulfill. With this position, my goal is to strengthen our ties with the active SWENext sections by hosting more technical workshops and events where SWENext members can interact with SWE members and increase GT SWE’s presence in the Atlanta Community. My hope as VP of Community Outreach is to help inspire the next generation of engineers through these engaging and insightful events.

Youth Programs

Emma Kalif

1st year Mechanical Engineering

First Choice: VP of Youth Programs

Hi! My name is Emma Kalif and I am a first year mechanical engineering student running for VP of Youth Programs. I started my own organization in high school to promote middle and high school girls to pursue STEM, and ever since then I have been very involved in female STEM outreach. 


Michelle Shen

1st year Computer Science

First Choice: VP of Finance

This past year, I had the opportunity to serve as SWE Purchasing and Fundraising Chair, where I was able to develop a deeper understanding of the SWE community and the finances behind our operations. I want to be VP of Finance next year because the position would allow me to interact with all of the SWE branches and members in making the most impact we can through our events, programs, and fundraisers. 


Amber Seaberg

1st year Industrial and Systems Engineering

First choice: VP of Communications, Second choice: VP of Membership

I am running for VP of Communications because I would like to focus both on our external and internal communication networks. Externally, I would like to streamline the newsletter as well as consolidate and improve upon our social media presence. Internally, I would like to establish a method of communication, such as a discord server, to provide a casual place for SWEeties to socialize and build community based off of both our academic/professional interests as well as personal interests!