Put your engineering skills to the test with GT SWE’s Ship-A-Chip competition! Mail us a Pringle by designing protective measures so the chip arrives to us without breaking! If you have any questions after reading the list of rules and guidelines please contact us at swemsoutreach@gmail.com. Please remember to mail your chip to the address below by Saturday, November 7th!  You must be in middle school to participate in this contest.

The competition will be open from October 24th – November 7th.

Ship a Chip Rules and Guidelines

• Packaging must not exceed 8x8x8 inches

• Package must not weigh more than 1.5 pounds

• You MUST write “fragile” on the packaging

• Please postmark by Saturday, November 7 to:

GT SWE Middle School Outreach

350274 Georgia Tech Station

Atlanta, GA 30332


• The chip cannot be modified in any way (ex. You cannot paint the

chip to make it stronger)

• Original flavor pringles must be used


To be considered for the competition, please fill out the following

form: tinyurl.com/shipachip2020atl

Also please write your full name on an index card and include it in

your box!

Winners Will Be Based On The Following:

• The greatest weight of the largest piece of the pringle delivered

• Most creative design approach

• Best design explanation

Please contact swemsoutreach@gmail.com with any

questions you may have! We hope you enjoy the contest!