Technical Development

Deepti Vaidyanathan, Vice President of Technical Development

Computer Science, 3rd year

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


  • Description of Position: The Vice President of Technical Development is in charge of organizing workshops with corporate sponsors and on-campus organizations to teach students about hard and soft skills. I am also in charge of leading my team to help with advertisement, and finding resources for our members to better themselves outside of course work.
  • Favorite SWE Memories: WELocal, Paint and Sip
  • Interests: Knitting, watching Netflix, singing
  • Other Involvements: Data Science @ GT, Grand Challenges LLC
  • Career Goals: work within software development or data science

 Technical Development Committee

Fehmeen Tariq, Technical Workshops and Talks Chair

Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Email: or

  • Description of Position: Organize workshops and technical events to help connect company professionals with SWE members, sometimes we collaborate with other organizations on campus too. Workshops and events consist of them teaching our SWE members a new skill or telling them about their experience in the professional world. 
  • Favourite SWE memories: Chair & Exec bonding 2020
  • Interests: Karaoke, Cooking, Travelling, Watching movies and fashion shows 
  • Other Involvements: IISE, GT Pakistani Students Association, Student Alumni Association, Developer’s Student Club
  • Career Goals: Work a job that correlates with the tech and the business world and where I get to travel a lot. Help do some pro-bono work too. Intend to get a master’s in Analytics or whatever field I’m interested in at that time.

Maxina Sheft, Technical Workshops and Talks Chairs

Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Fairfax, VA


  • Description of Position: We organize workshops to connect industry professionals and companies to 
  • Favorite SWE Memories: volunteering to talk with younger women interested in STEM
  • Interests: baking, science fiction
  • Other Involvements: Medical Robotics Club, research
  • Career Goals: PhD in Biomedical Engineering, I’m interested in surgical robotics!