Amanda Wijntjes, Vice President of Finance

Biomedical Engineering (CS Minor), 4th year

Hometown: Annapolis, MD


  • Description of Position: The Vice President of Finance is responsible for preparing a budget at the beginning of the SWE fiscal year and keeping a ledger with a record of all SWE checks, contributions, and expenses. The Vice President of Finance also works with the Vice President of Industry Relations to prepare invoices for corporate sponsors and manage corporate sponsorships. Additionally, the Vice President of Finance orders dinner for weekly SWE meetings, develops fundraising efforts, and organizes SWE finals study breaks. 
  • Favorite SWE Memories: our Pie an Exec fundraiser last fall, our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale last spring, SWE finals study breaks, getting to know members over dinner before company presentations
  • Interests: running (training for a marathon this fall!!!), Boston and GT sports teams, tailgating, trying new restaurants
  • Other Involvements: BME FUTURES (ambassadors for the BME department), HealthReach, Undergraduate Research (Lindsey Lab – Ultrasonic Imaging and Instrumentation), Order of Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Career Goals: work in the healthcare industry or in technology consulting, specialize in data analytics, earn an MBA, become a director or program manager

 Financial Committee

Michelle Shen, Purchasing and Fundraising Chair 

Computer Science, 1st Year 

Hometown: North Potomac, Maryland

Email: or

  • Description of Position: I help plan fundraisers to fund SWE operations and manage meal catering for future (hopefully!) in-person GBMs. I’ll also be learning about the logistics of SWE finances. 
  • Favorite SWE memory: Among Us team bonding!
  • Interests: Instrumental Music, Reading
  • Other Involvements: TEDxGeorgiaTech, Chinese Student Association, Grand Challenges, SCNO
  • Career Goals: I would love to work either in Academia or just an area I enjoy 🙂

Pearson Rackley, Purchasing and Fundraising Chair

Civil Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Email: or

  • Description of Positions: Michelle and I plan and organize fundraisers throughout the semester to raise money for SWE operations. In addition, we learn about the logistics of SWE finances, and during non-virtual semesters we would be putting together catered dinners for in-person meetings.
  • Favorite SWE memory: putting together our Pumpkin Social and Fundraiser!!
  • Interests: fly-fishing, the outdoors, cooking, & music 🙂 
  • Other Involvements: ZTA Vice President I, member of the Hydroponics Team for Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Career Goals: Working on the design and implementation of Sustainable Cities and sustainable alternatives in transportation in urban environments