Daksha Jadhav, Vice President of Communications

Biomedical Engineering Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA


  • Description of Position: the VP of Communications sends weekly newsletters, manages GT SWE social media accounts, updates the GT SWE website, documents events, and maintains the evernote for current opportunities and the slides for general body meetings. The main purpose of the position is to communicate with the general body of members and foster awareness of upcoming events and opportunities.
  • Interests: hanging out with friends,  baking, dancing, sketching, exploring Atlanta
  • Involvements: SWE, BMED Futures(BMED Ambassador), Research at the Ethier Lab, Science Art Wonder
  • Career Goals: I want to work in R&D, or somewhere where I can combine technology and biomedical engineering!

 Corresponding Committee

Katie Humphrey, Historian Chair

Environmental Engineering, 1st year

Hometown: Westfield, IN


  • Description of position: The Historian Chair helps sort SWE emails and document SWE events through pictures, scrapbooks and videos.
  • Favorite SWE Memory: SWE pumpkin decorating
  • Interests: ballet, reading, baking, photography
  • Other Involvements: Undergraduate Research, Dance Tech
  • Career Goals: I hope to become an environmental lawyer and draft environmental policy. 

Nisha Rockwell, Social Media Chair

Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Prattville, AL

Email: or  

  • Description of Position: I help the VP of Communications with our Facebook page, group, Instagram, SnapChat, and LinkedIn page. I also make the flyers for the social media pages!
  • Favorite SWE Memory: Chair retreat 2020
  • Interests: spending time with my family and friends, dance, soccer, and exploring the great outdoors!
  • Other Involvements: FAB (First-year Activities Board)
  • Career Goals: Create affordable prosthetics for children in less developed countries

Jessica Eggers, Webmaster

Computer Science, 1st year

Hometown: Chicago, IL


  • Description of Position: I help the VP of Communications by keeping the website updated and making changes to make the information more digestible and accessible.
  • Favorite SWE Memories: making hand turkeys during Give SWE a Hand social
  • Interests: Pilates/yoga, baking, outdoorsy activities
  • Other Involvements: ChinaCare, Rewriting the Code, W@CC, Honors LLC
  • Career Goals: Work for a company as a security analyst or to integrate computer science into sustainability work.