Sponsorship Opportunities


Listed below are sponsorship opportunities for Georgia Tech SWE activities and events. If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring any of these events, please contact our VP of Industry Relations at sweindustryrelations@gmail.com.

Southeast Regional Conference at University of Miami
Sponsorship: $250
March 31st – April 2nd 2016
The SWE Southeast Regional Conference brings together professional and collegiate SWE sections to experience career development workshops, keynote presentations, and a career fair. Sponsorship makes it possible for our section to attend this conference. Your sponsorship will result in our GT SWE members visiting your booth to say thank you and learn more about your company.

Awards Banquet
Banquet Sponsorship: $250
Scholarship Sponsorship: $500 per scholarship
Spring 2016
At the end of each academic year, GT-SWE formally recognizes outstanding members by awarding over $10,000 in corporate-sponsored scholarships. Our section also recognizes members for their contributions to SWE. The very prestigious GEAR award is presented to the member who went above and beyond her responsibilities. The Georgette P. Burdell award is given to the SWE member who has contributed the most to the organization. The Outstanding Engineer award is presented to the member who has demonstrated engineering experience throughout the year, both within and outside of SWE. The banquet is open to all members and company sponsors.

Pre-College Outreach Programs
Sponsorship: $300 per outreach category (Little SWE, Middle School, High School, Girl Scouts)
Fall 2015 (4 events) & Spring 2016 (4 events)
One of the goals of SWE on both a national and local level is to be a role model for younger girls
and encourage them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
As part of the STEM initiative, we conduct several outreach programs throughout the year for
pre- college females.
Every year, we invite 200-300 Junior Girl Scouts to participate in our Girl Scout Outreach. The
scouts do several activities to earn a science badge and they also take a tour of the Georgia
Tech campus.
Last year, we had so many girls sign up for our High School and Middle School Outreach
programs that we had to double the number of programs! Girls came from as far away as
Alabama to participate in these events, which featured activities such as constructing a
mechanical arm out of everyday materials, making silly putty, and designing a roller coaster.
They also attended lectures about engineering, robotics, conservation, and college life.
We also run a Little SWE Program at a local middle school. We make weekly trips to conduct
experiments and host panel discussions about engineering.

Technical Development
Sponsorship: Contact sweindustryrelations@gmail.com for more information
Starting Fall 2015, the Georgia Tech SWE chapter will be hosting software training, hands-on
engineering practice, and engineering talks for its members. The software training classes will
cover important basics and serve as an introductory/review crash course. Examples of handson
engineering programs include laser cutting, circuit building, etc. Lastly, the GT SWE chapter
will hold engineering talks about “How It Works” for important engineering processes. These
talks will explain the science and mechanics for processes and be tailored for the entry level

Social Events
Sponsorship: $100-200 per event
7 events (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)
Each year, SWE holds many social events to foster friendship among its members. These social events include group yoga, trivia night, girls night out, study breaks and many more. Students enjoy a break from studying and relax for a few hours. It is also a great chance for them to meet other members and network!