Middle School

Date: Sunday, November 11
Time:  9-4pm
Location: Georgia Tech Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons building (CULC)

Our Middle School Outreach Event is here! This is an all-day event held on campus for a large group of girls in grades 6-8 in the surrounding Atlanta area. We will be doing four different activities representing various types of engineering, but all majors are welcome to volunteer! We will need help setting up for the event, running the activities, and cleaning up afterwards. If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please sign up here!

For more information, contact Celia Kornegay or Katie Zhu at swemsoutreach@gmail.com


  • If you are dropping a student off, the physical address to the CULC roundabout drop off is: 399 4th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • If you are a parent staying for the parent’s program and need to park your car for the duration of the event, please park in visitor area 4 (State Street and Ferst Dr.). A map can be found here.
    • The physical address for this lot is: 345 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
    • Please visit http://map.gatech.edu for an interactive portal that allows you to type in your address and get directions directly to Visitor Lot 4.


Make Your Own Paper
Participants will make their own paper using plant and vegetable scraps to learn about materials science engineering.

Snack Pack Assembly
Participants will be split into groups of 4 to improve the productivity and efficiency of an assembly line by decorating and packaging cookies and other snacks to learn about the role of industrial engineers.

Newton’s Rocket Car
Participants will use the SWE agilent kits (on SWE HQ website) to create their own rocket cars to take home!

Breathtaking Models
Students will explore the process of breathing and investigate two models that help to visualize and explain the process. Students will build and experiment with a couple of different models that depict the process of breathing. They will explore the lungs and create some very engaging models of the breathing process.

Parent’s Program
Please join us for the FREE Parent Program portion of Saturday’s event. The Parent Program will be from 9am-12pm. GradSWE volunteers will present on topics such as STEM Gender Bias and How to Get to College, as well as some action items that you can bring back to the home to encourage your children to explore a STEM career.


Please sign up for our outreach mailing list to be notified about additional outreach events here.