Youth Programs


Alice Win, Vice President of Youth Programs

Biomedical Engineering, 4th year

Hometown: Savannah, GA


  • Description of Position: VP of Youth Programs is responsible for organizing events encouraging girls of all ages to learn about and take an interest in STEM fields.
  • Interests: Watercolor, calligraphy, traveling, reading, Disney movies, trying out new restaurants
  • Involvements: Undergraduate research, Be the Match, Omega Phi Alpha, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta volunteer
  • Career Goals: To attend medical school and pursue a career in the medical field.


 Youth Programs Committee

Katie Pounds, High School Outreach

Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Macon, GA

  • Job Description: As high school outreach chairs, my co-chair and I are responsible for reaching out to high schools in Georgia and planning events each semester for them.
  • Interests: I love music. I have played flute and piccolo for over 7 years now. I have also sang in choirs and lead worship with my siblings for as long as I can remember.
  • Involvements: On campus, I am involved with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and the Society of Women Engineers. Within these organizations, I am very heavily involved. I lead worship, head up the follow-up team, and I am part of the service team with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. Off campus, I play flute for my church orchestra on Sunday mornings and lead worship for the college ministry.
  • Career Goals: At the moment, I am hoping to one day design physical therapy equipment including everything from machinery to foam rollers to improve physical therapy as we know it today.

Deepti Vaidyanathan, High School Outreach

Computer Science, 1st Year

Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Description of Position: I am responsible for planning one high school outreach event in the fall and spring semester with my fellow co-chair. I am also responsible for reaching out to local high schools taking surveys of our events so that we may improve them for next year.
  • Involvements: SWE, Grand Challenges
  • Career goals: I would like to conduct research in machine learning and cybersecurity.

Celia Kornegay, Middle School Outreach

Civil Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Thomasville, GA

  • Description of Position: Middle School Outreach Chairs are responsible with organizing and planning an outreach event for middle school girls each semester. We get to choose the activities that the students participate in and ensure that the event runs smoothly.
  • Interests: Hiking, recycling, trying new things, spending time with friends, cats
  • Involvements: SWE, Georgia Tech Color Guard, Veggie Jackets, Serve Learn Sustain
  • Career Goals: I hope to become a city planner focused on improving the sustainability of larger cities.

Katie Zhu, Middle School Outreach

Biomedical Engineering, 3rd Year

Hometown: Marietta, GA

  • Description of Position: As a middle school outreach chair, I work with my other co-chair to organize and plan an outreach event for middle school girls each semester. We get to choose a variety of different exciting activities for the girls to participate in to pique their interest in engineering!
  • Interests: Baking, yoga, reading, hiking, exploring new restaurants and eating
  • Involvements: SWE, research, Idea to Prototype
  • Career Goals: I’d like to attend medical school and become a doctor who focuses on creating innovative medical devices.

Jadah Peters, Little SWE
Chemical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia

  • Description of Position: Little SWE Chairs get to plan fun engineering related activities in order to get young girls excited about the STEM field. We organize everything necessary for the activities and coordinate volunteers to be prepared to do the activities at Centennial Academy on Friday afternoons.
  • Interests: Photography, Art, Reading, Spanish music, Psychology,Fitness
  • Involvements: SWE, AIChE,Boxing Club,Yoga Club
  • Career Goals: I am just starting, so I am not sure exactly what field I want to go into with a chemical engineering degree, but possibly manufacturing or energy.

Jacqueline Tu, Little SWE
Aerospace Engineering, 2nd Year

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

  • Description of Position: I am responsible for organizing weekly engineering activities for the third grade girls at Centennial Academy along with coordinating volunteers for these events.
  • Interests: figure skating, running, painting, drawing
  • Involvements: SWE, CRC employee, undergraduate researcher
  • Career goals: I would like design airplanes and work on improving the performance and safety of aircrafts.