Tina Lu, Treasurer

Industrial and Systems Engineering, 3rd year

Hometown: Edison, NJ


  • Description of Position: The treasurer is responsible for SWE’s finances and acts as the liaison between the SWE executive board, corporate sponsors and the SWE accountant. The treasurer also orders catering for the weekly general body meetings, organizes fundraisers and plans the SWE Study Break during finals each semester.
  • Interests: Outdoor activities, yoga, traveling, classical music, thriller movies, historical fiction novels
  • Involvements: Undergraduate research, T&M, KNIT, Grand Challenges
  • Career Goals: To pursue a graduate degree abroad, earn an MBA and work at the intersection of supply chain and sustainability while strengthening company relations with foreign countries


 Financial Committee

Sarah Chen, Purchasing and Fundraising Chair

Mechanical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

  • Description of Position: Purchasing and fundraising chairs are in charge of ordering dinner for weekly general body meetings and organizing fundraising events and the starbucks study break during finals.
  • Interests: Violin, sports, exploring good food, research.
  • Involvements: Honors program, SWE, VIP.
  • Career Goals: I would eventually like to work on renewable and clean energy, but I would like to go to grad school first.

Amanda Wijntjes, Purchasing and Fundraising Chair
Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year

Hometown: Davidsonville, Maryland

  • Description of Position: Plans and orders weekly SWE dinners, organizes fundraising activities to raise money for SWE study breaks and bonding activities.
  • Interests: running, soccer, and cooking, exploring new restaurants in ATL
  • Involvements: wHY, circle of sisterhood committee, zeta tau alpha, engineers without borders (wish4wash committee)
  • Career Goals: After gaining industry experience, I eventually want to develop my biotech company, specializing in designing and creating new orthopedic sports medicine technology.