Hannah Lin, Secretary

Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2nd year

Hometown: Renton, WA


  • Description of Position: the Secretary sends weekly newsletters, manages GT SWE social media accounts, updates the GT SWE website, documents events, and creates slides for current opportunities and general body meetings. The main purpose of Secretary position is to communicate with the general body of members and foster awareness of upcoming events and opportunities.
  • Interests: soccer, food, dogs, hiking, Disney and Marvel movies
  • Involvements: Engineering for World Health, intramural soccer
  • Career Goals: Not completely sure yet, possibly work in optimization of healthcare systems and/or pursue a Masters degree


 Corresponding Committee


Dana Gould, Historian

Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

  • Description of Position: Preserves records and memories concerning SWE meetings and events. Also responsible for creating the recruitment video used to recruit current Georgia Tech women engineers during SWE week.
  • Interests: Reading, writing, spending time with friends, hiking, baking, scrapbooking
  • Involvements: Biomedical Engineering Society, Student Alumni Association, Technique
  • Career Goals: I want to get an MBA after graduation and eventually work in research lab.


Shamy Shen, Social Media Chair

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 4th Year

Hometown: Houston, Texas

  • Description of Position: My position as social media chair is to manage all of our social media platforms. I keep them updated about our upcoming events, set reminders, and to showcase to members and the public what GTSWE does and all the opportunities that we can provide. My goal is to provide a layer of transparency between what happens behind the curtains and our members.
  • Interests: Exploring Atlanta/surround areas for street art and hole in the wall hangouts, semi-active Yelper, blogging, finding new and obscure music to listen to, social justice.
  • Involvements: SWE, research, start up lab
  • Career Goals: Industry, preferably focusing on material science.


Rachel Stammen, Webmaster
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 3rd Year

Hometown: Acworth, GA

  • Description of Position: I update the GT SWE website weekly and help out the Secretary if needed.
  • Interests: Swimming, reading, spending time with family and friends
  • Involvements: AIChE, Gamma Beta Phi, GT Housing
  • Career Goals: I plan to work in industry after graduation.