Community Outreach


Jessica Jiang, Vice President of Community Outreach

Mechanical Engineering, 5th year

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia


  • Description of Position: VP of Community Outreach involves the encouragement, mentorship, and outreach of young students on STEM related activities and knowledge. VP of Community Outreach also focuses on building a SWENext presence at different schools.
  • Interests: Sailing, flying, traveling, dogs
  • Involvements: Georgia Tech Sailing Club, Yellow Jacket Flying Club, GT Cru
  • Career Goals: I would love to work in the aerospace industry once I receive my undergraduate degree. I also aim to continue my education with a Masters in engineering in the future.


 Community Outreach Committee


Alexandra Ghisson, Community Outreach

Industrial Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Tarpon Springs, FL

  • Description of Position: Community Outreach chairs work with local organizations on and off campus to help connect the community to students in SWE in order to assist in different events typically as volunteers or mentors.
  • Interests: Music, Photography, Sports, Concerts, dogs and cooking.
  • Involvements: The Technique (writer and photographer), Industrial Engineering Society, WREK Radio, SWE
  • Career Goals: Work for a healthcare based company as an Industrial Engineer centering my role on public policy and regulations.

Faith Colaguori, SWENext

Biomedical Engineering, 2nd Year

Hometown: Tampa, FL


  • Description of Position: As a SWENext Chair, I serve as a liaison between the Georgia Tech SWE chapter and SWENext high school chapters located throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. My position focuses on developing and maintaining successful relationships with our associated high school chapters, as well as serving as a mentor and resource for high school girls interested in pursuing STEM careers in college.
  • Interests: BOOKS – I love to read and write, and I am currently writing my own fantasy novel! I am also very interested in coding, musical performance (I play the clarinet, tenor saxophone, and trombone), travel, and my research!
  • Involvements:
  • Career Goals: I am still uncertain about my exact path after graduation, but I am hoping to pursue an advanced degree (either my Master’s or PhD). Through research and development, my ultimate goal is to make existing medical technologies more accessible to individuals in third world countries!

Rebekah Travis, SWENext

Mechanical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Description of Position: Along with my co-chair, I am responsible for working with local high schools to help start and support SWENext chapters and inspire the girls involved to stick with STEM as a career!
  • Interests: Motorsports, robotics, volunteering with Special Olympics and STEM initiatives, swimming, and playing with my guinea pig
  • Involvements: Wreck Racing, ASME, CEISMC KIDS Camp, SWE
  • Career Goals: I would like to work on vehicle research and development for a military defense company in order to give back to the men and women who serve our country.