Archana Premkumar, Vice President of Administration

Biomedical Engineering, 4th year

Hometown: Duluth, GA


  • Description of Position: VP of Administration coordinates the logistics of sponsoring GT SWE members to attend the society and local conferences. In addition, VP of Administration submits applications for SWE and Georgia Tech awards, and plans Holiday Dinner in the Fall and Awards Banquet in the Spring for our outstanding SWE members.
  • Interests: Traveling, hiking, DIY projects, cooking, exploring new restaurants
  • Involvements: Omega Phi Alpha, Undergraduate Research, Scribe at Emory Midtown
  • Career Goals: Still figuring out the industry vs. medical school dilemma. Either way, I know I want to pursue a career related to healthcare.


 Administration Committee


Alex Johnson, Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner

Aerospace Engineering, 6th Year

Hometown: Locust Grove, Ga

  • Description of Position: Plans and organizes SWE Holiday Banquet and end-of-year Awards Banquet
  • Interests: singing, reading, cooking, and hanging out/eating out with friends
  • Involvements: SWE, RUF, New South Festival Singers
  • Career Goals: I would like to work as a Process Engineer with an Aerospace corporation, and eventually work into a management/business role.


Clara Bouret, Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner

Biomedical Engineering, 1st Year

Hometown: Strasbourg, France

  • Description of position: organize SWE Holiday Dinner and Awards Banquet
  • Interests: running, hanging out with friends and traveling
  • Involvement: Honors program, SWE, VIP, and MOVE
  • Career goals: I’m not really sure yet but I would like to work in the rehabilitation or genetic engineering field.