My SWE Points

In order to be considered an active member of the GT SWE chapter, you must earn a minimum of 10 points. Only active members will qualify for scholarships, conference, and special dinners/events. Once you become an active member you will receive a SWE t-shirt!SWE_ILoveSWE

Points are distributed as follows:

  •  1 point for every professional meeting you attend
  •  1 point for every hour you volunteer at an outreach event
  •  1 point for every social/community service event you attend
  •  Double points if you attend a social event with your SWEster mentor/mentee


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Please note that for privacy reasons, your SWE points are connected to your member ID number, and not your name or other personal identifier. This number can be found by logging onto your account at, or in the membership paperwork you received when you became a member!