2017 Election Candidate Bios

Congratulations to the Winners of Our 2017 Executive Board Elections!

President: Michelle George
VP Admin: Keertana Nair
VP Industry: Samantha
VP Membership: Elsa Samanatary
VP Internal: Nabilah Khanam
VP External: Marissa Power
VP Campus: Morgan Bowden
VP Technical: Mahati Vavilala
Secretary: Elisa Schrader
Treasurer: Tina Lu


Listed below are the bios of all the Georgia Tech SWE members who won a position on the Executive Board. The bios were used to allow SWE members to get to know the candidates a little before the night of elections.



Michelle George 
1st Choice
Hey howdy hi! My name is Michelle George and I am a third year Electrical Engineering major from Massachusetts. I am very excited to be running for SWE President for this upcoming year! I joined SWE at Tea with the Dean my freshman year. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to serve as Little SWE Chair for one semester and Vice President of Membership for the past two years. Over these three years, SWE has provided me with a welcoming and supportive community, taught me countless invaluable skills, helped me grow and learn as a leader, and given me some of my closest friends. In these last three years, I’ve seen SWE evolve as our membership base has increased. As SWE President, I plan to make the changes necessary to keep up with our membership growth. My goal is to make our leadership team more empowered, efficient, and collaborative. I hope to continue to see the encouraging and welcoming community that has supported me during my collegiate career. I plan to provide more mentoring and socializing opportunities for members to get the professional advice and guidance they need, all the while having fun with new friends. For me, SWE has been all about learning new skills, inspiring younger generations, and knowing that at any bump in the road, my SWEple will be there for me. I hope to serve you as your President for the next year, and I know together we can make Tech a better place for women in engineering.


VP of Administration

Keertana Nair
1st Choice
Hi SWEople! My name is Keertana Nair and I am a third year Industrial Engineering student running for VP Administration this term. Since the beginning of my freshman year, SWE has been an integral part of my college experience.  I have had the opportunity to be involved with many of the experiences that SWE provides including professional, social, and outreach events. Specifically, I have attended two national and two regional conferences, and served as Holiday Dinner/Awards Banquet Chair my freshman year, as well as Awards chair for two years after that all of which prepared me to serve as VP Administration. Through my experience, I was able to gain valuable insight into all that SWE does as an organization and how we recognize our accomplishments at a section, regional, and national level. Because of this exposure, I have many ideas of ways to make the most of our conference experience as well as improve how we track and process our programs and events in order to appropriately spotlight our accomplishments and improve our organization as a whole. I am incredibly passionate about all that we do in SWE, particularly our conferences,  and am committed to ensuring that we pass on this environment and these experiences to all members in the future.



VP of Industry Relations

Samantha Bluth
1st Choice

Hi! My name is Samantha Bluth and I am a first year Industrial Engineering major. I would be honored to serve as your VP of Industry Relations. I have been involved in SWE since the start of my freshman year and have enjoyed working as Corporate Connections Chair with the VP of Industry Relations. Through that role, I have gained hands on experience recruiting corporate sponsors, drafting correspondence, and working on the SWE sponsor database. It would create a smooth transition due my knowledge of the role and responsibilities of this position. I served in a similar role as the business lead on our high school robotics team for three years, establishing and managing corporate and local business relationships, generating $35k annually from sponsors. I’m also working with Students Consulting for Nonprofits and have a goal of generating $200k for funding for a local school, so I’ve gained familiarity and comfort with the process of interacting with sponsors.

While working with the SWE sponsor database this year, I have identified several areas for improvement that I would like to address to increase corporate sponsorship and partnership. I would continue the process of updating corporate contact information. Addressing this would be my first priority toward strengthening our connections with valuable corporate sponsors. In addition, I would work with the GT career office and WIE to generate new sponsor relationships. I have many other new ideas for corporate sponsorship that would provide valuable career opportunities for our SWE members.

I love SWE and would love to continue securing funding so can continue creating amazing opportunities for our members to get involved and make a difference in the Atlanta area.


VP of Membership

Elsa Samantaray
1st Choice

Hi! My name is Elsa Samantaray, and I am a 2nd year Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering student at Tech! I’m so excited to be running for VP of Membership (1st choice) and Secretary (2nd choice) this upcoming year! For both positions, my platform is based on letting our members guide the organization. This comes from my own experience as the Executive Secretary for the 2016-2017 school year, and from my experience as an Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner chair and a Recruitment Chair for the 2015-2016 school year. I truly believe that we need to provide more robust methods for reception and feedback from our members, including social events, group lunches & dinners, and frequent surveys to gauge how our members feel about the course of SWE at the beginning and throughout the semester. Clear, open, and honest communication among our members and our leadership groups would be the best method to fix problems in SWE, such as member attendance and participation. I believe that almost all our events and workshops should be done with a purpose on how it would aid our members, and the type of events we put together should be popular and interesting to our members. Specifically for VP of Membership, I would re-vamp the mentoring program by letting mentees pick their mentors. This would create a situation where the mentees and mentors have true chemistry occurring and would increase the chances of them interacting through SWE or outside SWE more often. I would also work with members and carefully consider their input when it comes to social events, keeping cost and transportation in mind, so the number of members that are able to attend each event is optimized as much as possible. If I were to be elected as VP of Membership, I would also move towards online meeting upkeep, including releasing a unique sign in link at each meeting to effectively collect sign ins and make it an ease for members to sign in on their devices. As Secretary, I would move towards creating customized options for newsletter viewing for each subscriber. They would pick the version of newsletter they would like to view, which would increase the chances of the member viewing the newsletter. The YouTube channel and other social media platforms would also be explored, and I would use surveys and other modes of feedback to understand which platforms our members are currently using and work on establishing GT SWE on those platforms. I would also move towards Google Drive for photo upkeep so members can more easily add photos from their phones onto the drive, and we can create a more streamlined, efficient photo storage, organization, and sharing system. I’m so excited be sharing my ideas with you, and I hope you will consider giving me a chance on using my ideas to shape SWE for the better for the next school year! I’m very interested in moving our focus on our members’ requests and feedback, and I hope you will support my efforts through this!

VP of Internal Outreach

Nabilah Khanam
1st Choice

Hello!!! My name is Nabilah Khanam, and I am a 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering major. I am applying for VP of Internal Outreach and External Outreach where Internal Outreach is my first choice and External is my 2nd choice.

You have probably seen me around at outreach events because I love them!! I whole-heartedly believe in SWE’s mission to inspire young girls to get interested in STEM, and I hope as a VP to continue that mission. As Little SWE chair, I have had experience coming up with events and coordinating volunteers, and through volunteering at various SWE outreach events, I believe I have first-hand experience in getting outreach events to run smoothly.

My future plan, if I was in this role is to have outreach events feel more welcoming for volunteers. Usually, volunteers are just placed in positions the day before and arrive at the event confused. I hope to make it a standard to have volunteers meet with the chair in charge of the event in person to get a run down of the role they will have at the event.

Outreach events are a great way for SWEsters to get to know one another as they did for me. As a transfer student, I didn’t feel like I was connected to Tech. However, after joining SWE, and volunteering at outreach events, I didn’t feel that way anymore. I felt like I was part of a bigger family of amazing girls who support one another in whatever they do. SWE is important to me because everyone in SWE to me is family! Thus as an executive officer, I want to continue that mission and make other girls feel welcomed in SWE as former execs have done for me!


VP of External Outreach

Marissa Power
1st Choice

Hi! My name is Marissa Power and I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major. Outreach is why I became involved in SWE my freshman year, and it has developed into a huge passion of mine. My 3rd year, I served as Middle School Outreach Co-chair, and I absolutely loved it! Last summer I also worked as a camp counselor and module facilitator at WIE’s TEC and Jr. TEC Camps for middle school girls, where I got to create activities such as water rockets and squishy circuits and facilitate the modules myself. This semester in SWE, I am serving as Technical Talks chair, where I have organized a workshop with the Invention Studio and a tour with the Montgomery Machining Mall. SWE Outreach has recently expanded into 2 positions, and I have numerous ideas on how to develop these positions to make our outreach program even more organized and effective. I absolutely love SWE, and I am very excited at the opportunity to employ my ideas as a part of the executive board!


VP of Campus Relations

Morgan Bowden
1st Choice

Hello! My name is Morgan Bowden and I am a fourth year civil engineering major. I have involved with SWE since my freshman year and have served as the Elections Chair, Middle School Outreach Chair, and VP of External Outreach. This year I am running for VP of Campus Relations. My experiences as a chair and a VP in SWE has given me valuable insight on how SWE is run, on both a national level and within our section, and I am excited for the opportunity to take on a new role! As VP of Campus Relations, I would like to make SWE a more visible organization for all Georgia Tech students and spread the SWE mission across our campus. Many students do not know about all the events and opportunities within SWE or shy away from attending our events because of a negative perception of our organization. I want to correct the misconceptions about SWE and spark new interest in SWE events. One of the changes I would like to see in this position would be an increase in attendance at Engineer’s Ball. I would like to re-brand the event, explore a change in location, and consider partnering with a social organization on campus. I am interested in this position because I see great potential to interact will all the exec members and learn about other organization at GT. In addition, I currently serve as the Vice President of GT Kids @ Kollege, a student led non-profit philanthropy organization. In this role, I have connected Kids @ Kollege with other organization on campus in order to execute our main outreach event each spring. From my experiences in Kids @ Kollege and SWE, I believe that I will be able to be successful in the role of VP Campus Relations. SWE has been an integral part of my college experience and I would be honored to serve another year on the executive board!


VP of Technical Development

Mahati Vavilala
1st Choice

Hi! My name is Mahati Vavilala and I am a second year Industrial Engineering major and Computer Science minor here at Georgia Tech. I am running for VP of Technical Development. I have been involved with SWE over the past two years, and have contributed to this incredible organization in a variety of ways. Formally, I served as Social Media Chair during my freshman year, managing 6 social media channels and creating our Snapchat, and as Technical Workshops Chair this past year, organizing an array of technical workshops and talks for our members and the general public. I have also volunteered at various outreach events, attended industry tours, and more. Aside from SWE, I am the Director of Information Sessions for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, through which I have helped plan info sessions, career fairs, and spring picnic, and a member of the Student Center Programs Council, through which I have helped plan large events like Georgia Tech Night at Six Flags, GT Night at the Aquarium, and Sting Break. I love being involved around campus, and especially SWE because it caters to my diverse and multifaceted interests! As VP of Technical Development, I hope to implement two initiatives: 1) capitalize on existing SWE talent, skills, and connections through technical workshops/talks held by and for SWE members, and 2) encouraging and expanding our connections with other on-campus organizations like IISE, SCPC, ASME, SHPE, NSBE, IEEE, AKPsi, or the Women at the College of Computing, just to name a few.



Elisa Schrader
1st Choice

Name: Elisa Schrader
Major : Biomedical Engineering
Year: Second-year
Positions I am running for: Secretary or VP of membership
Qualifications: Good at time management, open for innovation, Passionate about anything I get involved with.
Ideas for Secretary: A well organized network of secretary chairs with equally split responsibilities with clear roles so that information always gets sent and shared to all the members.
Ideas for VP of Membership: More chair positions to organize more socializing events and activities like SWEek throughout the year.
Past SWE involvement: SWEek chair and active member since fall 2015
Other Leadership positions: SHPE TLA performance chair 2017, Catholic Student Organization (CSO) community dinner coordinator spring 2017 and special events coordinator year 2016.



Tina Lu
1st Choice

Hello there! My name is Tina Lu and I am a first year ISyE major. At Tech, besides SWE, I am involved in Grand Challenges as a program ambassador and Epic Intentions. SWE was the first student organization I joined at Tech and I am so glad I did for its wonderful community of inspiring female engineers! I am currently a Holiday Dinner/Awards Banquet co-chair, so I get to work with the VP of administration in planning these two events. Last semester, I helped organize the Holiday Dinner, where twenty SWE members celebrated the semester’s successes over a classic Southern dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room. This semester, I am planning the Awards Banquet held at Einstein’s, where Dean May will be a guest speaker. For both events, I organized budgets of over $1000 and designed promotional fliers. I also have a passion for fundraising; in high school, I planned and coordinated a walking taco fundraiser for Chemistry Olympiad, which raised over $600. My plan is to improve membership experience and SWE’s presence across campus, as either Treasurer or VP of Membership. I LOVE being a part of SWE, and I’m eager to hear your input so I can make this organization better for the years to come!