2018 Election Candidate Bios

Congratulations to the Winners of Our 2018 Executive Board Elections!

President: Mahati Vavilala
VP Administration: Archana Premkumar
VP Industry: Ingrid Cai
VP Membership: Sierra Copner
VP Community Outreach: Jessica Jiang
VP Youth Programs: Alice Win
VP Campus Relations: Elsa Samantaray
VP Technical Development: Samantha Bluth
Secretary: Hannah Lin
Treasurer: Tina Lu


Listed below are the bios of all the Georgia Tech SWE members who won a position on the Executive Board. The bios were used to allow SWE members to get to know the candidates a little before the night of elections.



Mahati Vavilala 1st Choice

Hi! My name is Mahati Vavilala and I’m a third year Industrial Engineering major and Computer Science minor from Novi, Michigan. I am excited to be running for SWE President (first choice) and VP of Industry Relations (second choice)! I have been involved with SWE since my freshman year when I served as Social Media Chair and have subsequently served as Technical Workshops Chair and VP of Technical Development. I love SWE because it’s such a multifaceted organization that has truly shaped my college experience. I have absolutely loved meeting and getting to know so many people in SWE through Outreach, Technical Workshops and Tech Talks, General Body Meetings, National Conference, being a part of the Exec board, and more, and it is these experiences and people that have inspired me to run for President to give back to the organization that has done so much for me.

As SWE President, I aim to increase our active membership base and especially engage our younger members through exciting events, meetings, and communication channels, and expand our campus presence through organizational partnerships. Most of all, my primary goal as SWE President would be to serve, support, and lead my fellow Exec Board, chairs, and SWEsters. As VP of Industry Relations, I hope to increase attendance at corporate relations events and establish consistency through monthly Lunch ‘n Learns. Moreover, I aim to partner with and market our industry relations events to other organizations around campus to further our campus presence and execute successful events that keep companies coming back.

Around campus, my experiences serving as VP of Professional Planning for IISE and being a member of SCPC have allowed me to approach serving on SWE Exec with a new and diverse perspective, something that I hope to bring next year as well! I have absolutely loved being on Exec this past year, and would truly be honored to lead and serve once again, furthering our own SWE section and advancing women in engineering at Georgia Tech and beyond.


VP of Administration

Archana Premkumar1st Choice

Hello! My name is Archana and I’m a third year biomedical engineering major. I have been in SWE since my freshmen year and I love how everyone in SWE is so supportive of each other’s professional goals. But my most defining memories of SWE are at conferences. I have had to chance to attend 3 conferences and every time I walk away more inspired and excited about engineering. I want to share my love for conference with all our SWE members which is why I am running for VP of Administration. My primary goals as VP of Administration would be to 1) increase the number of members we take to conferences and 2) create a standardized process of selecting conference attendees. In addition to being Historian my first year, I have held both chair positions (Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner Chair and Awards and Grants Chair) in the VP of Administration committee. Therefore, I understand the responsibilities of VP of Administration regarding submitting awards and overseeing our Awards Banquet and Holiday Dinner, and I can provide guidance and suggestions to the future chairs. I have learned so much working with SWE leadership these past three years as a chair, and I would love the opportunity to serve on exec board.



VP of Industry Relations

Ingrid Cai1st Choice

Hiya, my name is Ingrid and I would love to be your Vice President of Industry Relations or Vice President of Campus Relations! I am a 3rd year Industrial Engineer and have been involved in SWE since I was a wee freshman. I’ve served as Corporate Connections Chair and Elections Chair, both of which were extremely fun and enlightening experiences to have. I am truly very passionate about building deeper connections and providing more opportunities for you guys because SWE – and especially at Tech- is a beautiful organization full of diverse, fully qualified women who deserve only the best options.

My goal as an executive officer for SWE is to increase our corporate scale as well as maintain quality relationships with our partners. As Vice President of Industry Relations, I will target my focus towards industry and with Campus Relations, I will look into our relations with other on-campus organizations to see if we strengthen our existing ties with them or partner with new establishments. I believe this will result in more events for our SWE members and increasing opportunities to build those meaningful connections that will hopefully have some impact on your life. Regardless of which position I’m chosen to serve on, I would love to start development of an alumni/current member database, so if someone is doing something you are looking for advice, they are just an email or phone call away. I love everything SWE stands for and how diverse our members are, so I want to do all in my power to ensure that we are as connected as possible- whether it be with current or graduated members.


VP of Membership

Sierra Copner – 2nd Choice

Hi! My name is Sierra Copner and I am a third year Biomedical Engineering major here at Tech. I have been involved with SWE for three years and have absolutely loved being a part of this organization. SWE has been one of the most valuable experiences of my college career and I would not be who I am today without it! My goals for SWE in the upcoming year are centered on engagement, on
campus presence, and community.

I am dedicated to increasing engagement in our organization by creating platforms to learn what your personal passions and goals are in order to direct you to the right people and opportunities that you value the most. Not only this, but I would like to use your personal interests to make weekly meetings, workshops, and events more beneficial for each of you.

In addition, I value increasing SWE’s presence on campus and showing other engineering students the benefits that SWE can provide them. I would like to take advantage of everyone’s connections in other clubs or professional, service, and Greek organizations in order to share the amazing benefits of SWE and expand our reach on campus.

Lastly, I am very passionate about creating a sense of community within SWE. I have met many friends through this organization and I want that for each of our members. I will aim to create more social activities for members to bond and an improved mentoring program that will take more than just your major into consideration, such as SWE involvement interests and professional goals, in order to create a stronger mentorship connection.

Over the past three years, I have served as Little SWE Chair, Technical Development Workshops Chair, and Community Service Chair. The diversity of these roles has allowed me to experience the breadth of opportunity that SWE provides and meet a diverse group of amazing and passionate people within our organization! I am confident in my ability to lead this organization effectively with my current relationships with fellow SWE members and two years of leadership experience as Relay for Life’s VP of Logistics. I am constantly inspired the accomplishments of SWEsters around me and it drives my passion for SWE. I would love to have the opportunity to serve as President and strive to create meaningful and fruitful experiences for each of our members!


VP of Community Outreach

Jessica Jiang1st Choice

My name is Jessica Jiang and I am a 4th year mechanical engineering major. I am running for VP of Community Outreach and also VP of Youth Programs. I have been part of SWE for the past 4 years and love the society. I was the SWE Region D Senator my sophomore year and the SWE Region Collegiate Representative for the past 2 years. I’ve been very involved with SWE regionally in the past and present, and I’d love to be able to bring back what I’ve seen across the sections in the southeast back to Georgia Tech. I have contacts with region leaders that I have worked with over the past three years that could also be helpful resources. I also volunteered for the SWENext activity at the WE17 conference. I have volunteered for Little SWE and other on campus outreach events. I would love to be the VP of Community Outreach because I believe the position provides an opportunity for growth and learning for all students of all ages. I think what can be improved is the visibility of SWENext and its ability to be an important factor in shaping a young girl’s future. My main goal for this position is to increase the interest of SWENext for high schools and obtaining interest. I went to high school around the local area in Marietta. I am hoping I can reach out to schools like my high school and the surrounding area to obtain interest in SWENext by holding community outreach events either on their campus or ours. SWE also offers outreach scholarships occasionally so that would be one way in we could attempt to get funding for background checks. I hope to be able to exercise a variety of ideas as VP of Community Outreach or VP of Youth Programs. I love SWE because of its ability to attract passionate and ambitious members with like-minded goals. It’s great to be part of a society that constantly encourages you and pushes you to be better everyday! I’d love to be part of the leadership that drives this passion.



VP of Youth Programs

Alice Win1st Choice

Hi! My name is Alice Win, and I am a third year Biomedical Engineering major. Outside of SWE, I am a volunteer for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where I spend a few hours each week making arts and crafts with kids in the hospital, and am a member of the service sorority Omega Phi Alpha, through which I volunteer at various organizations in Atlanta such as Gigi’s playhouse and Books for Africa. In SWE, I had the pleasuring serving as Historian during my sophomore year and am currently one of the High School Outreach chairs this year. As a High School Outreach chair, I have learned about what must happen behind the scenes to make an outreach event run smoothly. I have learned a lot about planning the activities, scheduling volunteers, and advertising outreach events through this role.

I’m am excited to be running for VP of Youth Programs and VP of Community Outreach! I have loved being a part of SWE’s outreach events since I first joined SWE my freshman year. Outreach was what really got me interested in SWE. It’s such a great place to get to know your fellow SWE members and get girls excited about STEM at the same time! I love interacting with kids, especially when there are crafts or activities involved!

Some changes or new things I would like to try would be increasing attendance at our events by changing up how we advertise for our events or maybe even coordinating with a specific school to make our event some kind of optional field trip for their kids and trying out some new types of activities during events such as activities that incorporate the research students do on campus at Tech.

All in all, I love SWE, kids, and all kinds of outreach and would love to serve as one of the VPs of outreach in the coming year!


VP of Campus Relations

Elsa Samantaray1st Choice

Hi SWEeties! My name is Elsa Samantaray and I’m a 3rd year Chemical Engineering major from Richmond, VA. I’m running this year for VP Campus Relations (1st choice) and VP Membership (2nd choice)! SWE is a vital component of my life; I’m serving as the current VP Membership, have served as the Executive Secretary, Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner chair, and Recruitment chair.

If I were given the opportunity to serve as VP Campus Relations (1st choice), I would first establish bonds with new organizations and strengthen the current bonds we have with organizations across campus. I think this is important to increase SWE’s presence on campus and to have a strong alliance with multiple groups. For instance, introducing SWE to the Freshman Activities Board, RHA, Salsa Club, Undergraduate Research Ambassadors, Pride Alliance, The Technique, and more is imperative to showcase SWE’s diverse pool of interests and skillsets. For instance, communicating with RHA could aid SWE’s presence and recruitment, since peer leaders and RAs could discuss SWE with freshmen/residents. We could have events that could provide free lessons to members from the Salsa Club or GT Ballroom Dancing.

Other events, for instance, could be geared towards academics. Setting up an event, such as a coffee talk, with the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors would provide a terrific opportunity for SWE members to ask and get pointers on how to join a research team, how to find research you’re interested in, and more. SWE can be the perfect fit for you, no matter your background, personality, or interests—there is something for everyone, and as VP Campus Relations, reinforcing that would be a priority of mine!

As VP Membership (2nd choice), I would like to introduce a point tier system where members are rewarded periodically for their activity. As the current VP Membership, I’ve seen that a lot of members don’t know the value of their participation until the end of the semester (e.g. applying for conference, scholarships) and I think its time to introduce a system that keeps reminding them of the many advantages of participation in SWE. I would also like to establish a stronger mentoring program, where we have required timings/events for mentors/mentees to keep up with each pair and make sure that the mentor/mentee relationship is being formed.

In all, I am very passionate about SWE and hope that you will give me the chance to contribute to make SWE a stronger, more effective, and dynamic organization next year! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my platform or anything in general. I hope that I will have your support in the upcoming election!


VP of Technical Development

Samantha Bluth2nd Choice

Hi! My name is Samantha (Sam) Bluth and I am a second year Industrial Engineering major. I would be honored to serve as your VP of either Campus Relations or Technical Development. I have been involved in SWE since the start of my freshman year and have enjoyed working as Corporate Connections Chair my first year and VP of Industry Relations this year. Through these roles, I have gained hands on experience recruiting and developing corporate sponsor relationships, which raises the funds needed to support SWE events and scholarships. Serving on the exec board, I have collaborated closely with the VP of Campus Relations in planning sponsored joint events, and likewise recruiting sponsors for Technical Development workshops, so it would create a smooth transition in either role due my knowledge of their responsibilities.

As VP of Campus Relations, I would want to continue to create visibility by partnering and participating with various student organizations socially and professionally. I would also further strengthen our connection between SHPE and NSBE, and create a system to ensure we mutually promote each other’s events to maximize opportunities for our members.

As VP of Technical Development, I would build on the momentum we’ve had this year by providing key partnerships and specialized events with top corporate recruiters. These events energize our members to connect with corporate representatives on a deeper level through engaging Tech Talks. I would continue to create open environments for students to solve case studies and intellectually stimulating problems.

I love being a part of SWE and hope to continue engaging, supporting, and collaborating in a role that encourages all of our members to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities the organization provides!



Hannah Lin1st Choice

Hi! My name is Hannah Lin and I am a 1st year industrial engineering major. As a freshman I’ve only been a SWE member for a year, but I’m really glad I joined SWE and would love to get more involved. My first-choice position that I’m running for is Secretary. If I become Secretary, I want to make sure every member is aware of the events going on. I’d encourage members to take advantage of every opportunity through frequent emails and social media posts. I have previously been Secretary and President for Girls’ Honor, a club in my high school. From these past positions I’ve gained experience in coordinating events, keeping track of club records, and notifying members through email. I also am currently social chair of SWE, which has given me more experience in planning events. These leadership experiences would also be helpful in my second-choice position: VP of Technical Development. As VP Tech Dev, I’d focus on getting members’ input on what technical/career skills they want to gain or improve. Overall, I love that SWE offers so many opportunities for members to make connections, develop skills, and gain career guidance. I hope that, if given the chance, I can work on the executive board to uphold this standard and even increase the resources available to SWE members.



Tina Lu2nd Choice

Hi everyone! My name is Tina Lu and I am a 2nd year ISyE major. SWE was the first organization I joined as a first semester freshman and since then, it has tremendously shaped my college experience, from receiving mentorship from upperclassmen to helping me develop professionally through internship opportunities. As a freshman, I was an Awards Banquet/Holiday Dinner chair and worked closely with the VP of Administration to organize logistics for events, including one that the CoE Dean attended, and work within a budget. The experience I had allocating money toward elements of the events motivated me to continue this work on a larger organizational level through the role of SWE Treasurer. For the end of this academic year, I anticipate our account balance to increase at least 20% from August 2017. The financial growth we’ve experienced indicates the capacity and opportunity to grow our membership for the 2018-2019 year, which is why I am running for VP of Membership. Through emphasizing early recruitment, especially for freshmen, investing in retention, and developing collaborative events with other campus organizations, I hope to not only grow SWE’s membership base but also find ways to motivate membership participation. In turn, a higher membership base with correlated higher participation rates can incentivize corporate sponsors to increase financial support, facilitating the growth of GT-SWE.

With a new incoming SWE accountant for the upcoming year, SWE would greatly benefit from stability in financial management, and as the current treasurer, I can facilitate a smooth transition during this period. Being re-elected as treasurer allows more time for me to focus on ways to continue the financial growth SWE has experienced in the past year. In the coming year, I want to revitalize the online reimbursement process, identify opportunities for financial growth through analyzing transactions from the 2017-2018 year, and improve finance-related communication between the executive board and the SWE advisors.

Besides SWE, I am involved in undergraduate research in the Scheller College of Business, Grand Challenges mentoring and sustainable farming outreach in the greater Atlanta area.

SWE has been so important to me throughout my time at Tech and I would love to hear your input so I can make this organization better for the years to come!